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Pauline Vidal
Born in California
57 years
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When I pass, speak freely of my shortcomings and my flaws. Learn from them, for I'll have no ego to injure. Aaron McGruder


Altar at the Memorial Mass



Pauline's sons, Nicholas and Adrian, being strong


Pauline looking on during the reception



Sweet Cake for our Sweet Pauline




People getting together at the reception



More friends and family at the reception



Friends and Family




A view of all the people that gathered together for Pauline


 All the people


Sister-in law Jimmie, Brother Johnny, and Sister Gloria



Nieces and Nephews along with Pauline's Sons

Sherene, Gloria, Beverly and Shawnese


Nieces Sierra, Amber, Cheyenne and Gizelle with Nick and Adrian

 Beverly, Shawnese, Nick, Sherene, Adrian and Jim


Guest Book


Our Memories















Candle made by Sylvia




Balloons being released with special messages from friends and family



We all love you and miss


Our Special Sister

Our special sister, we want you to know how much you mean to us.
Our special sister has strength and courage her whole family can see.
Our special sister showed us all how to handle life's blows.
Our special sister took it all in stride, smiled, and said, “That’s how it goes”.
Our special sister, through all her pain, never once gave up or complained.
Our special sister has dignity, warmth, and inner beauty that can't be explained.
Our special sister, with all she was going through, always thought of others.
Our special sister always took time to give of herself to friends, sisters and brothers.
Our special sister was always there with her kind thoughts, deeds, and caring.
Our special sister is well known and loved for her capacity for sharing.
Our special sister needs to know how much she means to those who love her, especially me.
Our special sister's strength, courage, and beauty are a shining example for all to see.
Our special sister has carried a heavy burden for quite a long while.
Our special sister would not allow us to share any of her pain but always her smile.
Our special sister is surely a guardian angel sent from above.
Our special sister, these heartfelt words are for you, from all of us who care, with all our love.





Pauline will always be the Angel of our family.





This memorial website was created to remember our dearest Pauline Dolores Vidal who was born in Redwood City, California on March 6, 1951 and passed away after a short battle with Pancreatic Cancer on June 20, 2008. You will live Forever in our memories and hearts.



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